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1500 W. Third Ave, Suite 227
SomaPure Grandview Massage Studio
Pain & Stress Relief 
in Grandview

1500 W. Third Ave
 Suite 227 
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Weekdays  10-7pm
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Sunday      closed


Ohio Medical Board 
Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Integration Nutrition Health Coach


Nutritional Health Coach

Western Massage Therapy

Corporate Communications

exclusive, private practice

no membership 
contracts required

holistic health & 
wellness coaching
customized pain relief & wellness plans
warm, personalized experience
effective, quality focused treatments guaranteed

Grandview Massage Therapy
Heath Coach in Grandview
Specializing in the relief of
physical pain and emotional overwhelm.

Self care is essential for tackling what life throws at us...

Scott McCoy Male Massage Therapist and Health Coach

tight & tense muscles from a new exercise routine, 

 chronic pain that just wont go away, 

stressed out trying to manage it all,

  I am here to support you on your wellness journey ...

whole-mind, whole-body,


approach to pain relief & stress relief
Back Pain

Neck Pain




Leg & Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Your (re)Align appointment includes:
male pain relief massage

1. wellness consultation and lifestyle support

2. a thorough health history review, including your pain & stress assessment

3. results driven bodywork/therapeutic massage treatment

4. organic lotion and oil blend leaving your skin moisturized, not greasy

5. complimentary Biofreeze Professional Colorless Gel application if needed

6. calming AromaJoy essential oil complimentary during treatment

7. post treatment analysis & recommendations

Together we will design a therapy plan to best achieve your goals.

health success
Are you ready to...

 banish your pain?   

    kick your stress to the curb?   

start living a 
happier life?   

My mission is to inspire you towards achieving your optimal health & wellness goals through complimentary therapeutic massage and coaching programs. Whether you seek the restorative power of massage therapy for your stress & pain or the transformational results of coaching for improved nutritional dietary habits & physical ability, I am here to

support you on your journey. 

I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection and an advocate of massage therapy and integrative health coaching as vital components for enhancing your overall health, while relieving the physical and emotional stresses of life.

Together we will develop an individualized program to help you


take charge of your wellbeing 

and work towards your curative goals, but then shift into a more preventative mode. Being proactive in your health may help you

avoid future pain and illness.

I am currently accepting a reduced capacity of appointments each week, including a limited amount of new client availability. This improves both our safety during these uncertain times, ensures I am at my best for you, and your wellness & massage appointment is effective. I am also dedicated to a life long journey of improvement and continuing education so your health and wellness goals can be met with the most current knowledge.

To be well is a choice we all must make for ourselves. 

You have the right to live a healthy, relatively pain & stress free existence. Schedule your SomaPure wellness & massage appointment with Scott...

        be inspired... 

                 find balance ...

                          live a fulfilled life.

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  • Darren M.
  • Columbus, OH
5.0 star rating
Relaxing, attentive and professional.  Scott McCoy provides a top notch massage service. You can quickly tell that wellness is his passion.  He has a very warm and courteous personality that makes you feel like a close friend from the minute you meet him.  

Before the massage he spends time discussing your habits and hobbies to help determine the source of your trouble spots.  (don't be intimidated by his intake forms- they help him understand your needs and provide information that he can use to improve your experience) During the massage his technique is perfect and he will vary his amount of pressure as much as you prefer. He maintains a calming and positive massage environment during your entire session.  After the massage he returns to discuss the outcome of his technique. You will leave feeling like you have a personal advocate dedicated to improving the physical condition of your body.

The location in Upper Arlington is not difficult to find.  SomaPure shares the small building with other wellness services.  His studio is on the lower level just past the restrooms.  Parking is plentiful in a lot that surrounds the building.  Booking online is easy and includes notification reminders.

eMail Comments:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Today's massage was the best - I feel great!!!"
- Stephanie D.
"I just wanted to take a minute to again say thank you so much for an amazing session! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am still feeling so rejuvenated. I literally felt 'massage drunk' last night! I even made Kris drive home so I didn't have to deal with traffic lol"
- Jessie B.
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Loren C.      5.0 of 5 stars
This was my first massage therapist experience ever and it will be the first of many! Scott was great with introducing me to massage and explaining everything before hand. I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time. You can really feel how much he cares for every clients overall well being not only during the massage but their overall health! The massage itself was wonderful, I came in stressed and overwhelmed and left feeling in control, and light! I can't wait for my next massage!

Michelle L.    5.0 of 5 stars
I have been getting massages for years now and I travel all over the United States for my job ~ so I have been exposed to a pretty diverse field of Therapists and techniques and theories ~ so feel I can make an educated ~ sound ~ experience based recommendation when it comes to WHO to go to for a FANTASTIC massage !!! And I whole heartedly recommend Scott McCoy of SomaPure Studio. I had an 80 minute massage session with him and felt great afterwards .... His hands are AMAZING ~ strong but NOT Brutal and he actually 'LISTENS' to what you want ... as far as pressure and problem areas you want him to focus on. And believe me when I tell you ~ NOT ALL and unfortunately NOT MANY ~ therapists actually listen to the client !!! His approach is 'The whole person' and he actually WANTS to help you feel better ... he is excited about what he is doing and you can feel that energy through his massages and his 'Hands' as they are working on you !!! I will definitely be booking more massages with him in the future !!!

Stephanie H.   5.0 of 5 stars
Scott embodies the practice and it shows through his work! He is super relaxing, caring, and he listens to you and what you need. A great pick! Highly recommended! :D

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5.0 of 5 stars
Texted Comment:

"Scott, hope it's ok to txt you-- wasn't sure how to get this message to you and waiting to tell you next time is too long. My massage has already had awesome benefits- I feel so great today. Lots of water and an extended night of sleep-- feeling so loose today. Thank you for your service. Much appreciated:) Kathy C."
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